I have a confession

I’m a modest dresser.  Not sure why.  I’m not THAT religious.  I’m not unreligious, but I don’t belong to anything that would be shocked by the sight of my knees, or my shoulders, or any other body parts within reason.  I don’t pretend to know if modesty is pleasing to God, but it feels more comfortable at this stage in my life.  My husband has also decided he prefers it.  More clothes, good.

I am terminally old-fashioned, and that may have something to do with it.  Or maybe modern dress just reached the tipping point of naked.  Who knows?

The only thing that irritates me is the assumptions that people make.  I don’t mind people assuming I’m a Christian (I wouldn’t be upset if people assumed I was a religious Jew either, and I think that may sometimes happen).  I don’t even mind polite inquiries as to what my faith might be, or explaining what an Episcopalian is.  I mind when people assume that I’m not open-minded, or well-read, or interested in the broader world.  It particularly irritates me when people assume I’m a homophobe.  Or even when people who know me well enough to realize that I take that “love thy neighbor” thing seriously decide that I must be uncomfortable with topics such as gay marriage and tiptoe around them.  I certainly wouldn’t assume that most conservatively dressed people would be in favor of marriage equality, and some of them may be strongly not in favor of it, but talk to me first before you assume you know who I am.


Life after revision

Okay, I’m on the final revision of the “Price of Everything” so it’s almost ready to go.  Now, do I wait to hear the fate of book one, or just send it off as a stand-alone?  It works better as a stand-alone than the first one, and it’s 55.000 words, which is novel length in romance land.  It’s also more explicit and is less religious in tone.  So, it might be more marketable.  Or not. 

I accidentally posted the design board below.  Not that I don’t like it, but I hadn’t thought of it as a blog thing.  Now, trying to figure out what is and isn’t a blog thing can be a little interesting.  And I’m not awake and I have to go to work, not stay at home and write.  And of course, it’s not like I never waste time noodling around on the internet when I’m home all day.

Design Board

Design Board

The short story is coming together

And I’m starting to feel really good about it.  But it’s definitely not a stand alone.  It’s obviously a sequel, and has a bunch of spoilers for someone who wants to read the novella.  I think it works, and it’s a nice little glimpse into my character’s lives down the road, but it definitely shouldn’t be published before the novella, which has a working title of Unexpected Gifts.  I’m calling the story Closure, at least for right now.  

Back from the Bridal Mines

Aaagh, what a day at work.  There are moments when I wonder why selling bridal gowns sounded like fun.  Some days, it is.  And some days, you have a customer who drove three hours to try on four dresses, none of which you have anywhere near her size, and two of which they don’t even make in her size.  So frustrating.  Way too many of our dresses don’t come in all the sizes.

About the poly set I just posted.  I don’t have a story for it yet.  I’m not sure if I will or not.  I’d like to get a couple of short stories out on Kindle for free or cheap, but I don’t really have any ready to go.  I was working on one last night, but it’s an epilogue to Book two, and I think it gives too much away to publish before two is out.  One of my main character’s carries a terrible burden from something stupid he did and this eases it a little.  I always intended it to be part of the story, but it never worked in the main body.

Okay, it all seems to be working correctly.  I am a Luddite.  I freely admit it.  

I am in the process of cooking dinner, and desultorily working on book four.  One is at the publisher, two is finished and ready to go, but I’m waiting to hear the fate of one before I send it anywhere since they are part of a series, three is finished but needs a final revision, so it’s sitting while I digest a little bit, and four is well started.  I have a few pages of what I think is five in.  I’m trying not to be impressed with myself, but since I work full time, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve finished since I’ve been doing this seriously for less than a year.

I also feel like I cook full time.  Living with a teenage boy will do that to you.