I have a confession

I’m a modest dresser.  Not sure why.  I’m not THAT religious.  I’m not unreligious, but I don’t belong to anything that would be shocked by the sight of my knees, or my shoulders, or any other body parts within reason.  I don’t pretend to know if modesty is pleasing to God, but it feels more comfortable at this stage in my life.  My husband has also decided he prefers it.  More clothes, good.

I am terminally old-fashioned, and that may have something to do with it.  Or maybe modern dress just reached the tipping point of naked.  Who knows?

The only thing that irritates me is the assumptions that people make.  I don’t mind people assuming I’m a Christian (I wouldn’t be upset if people assumed I was a religious Jew either, and I think that may sometimes happen).  I don’t even mind polite inquiries as to what my faith might be, or explaining what an Episcopalian is.  I mind when people assume that I’m not open-minded, or well-read, or interested in the broader world.  It particularly irritates me when people assume I’m a homophobe.  Or even when people who know me well enough to realize that I take that “love thy neighbor” thing seriously decide that I must be uncomfortable with topics such as gay marriage and tiptoe around them.  I certainly wouldn’t assume that most conservatively dressed people would be in favor of marriage equality, and some of them may be strongly not in favor of it, but talk to me first before you assume you know who I am.


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