January Doldrums

Still nothing from the publisher.  I’m at fifteen and half weeks.  Aieee!  I should just assume they are rejecting it, and move on from there.  To more publishers, or straight to Amazon, where these things could be making me money.  Not a lot, but money.  I am so tired of being broke, and I’m way more broke than usual this year.  December is bad, but I always have money in January.  Not this January.  Not only can I not take my family out to eat after a twelve hour shift instead of going home to cook, I can barely pay my rent and buy groceries.  I swear everything has gone up.


2 thoughts on “January Doldrums

  1. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on this even if we don’t know each other, but I would like to say that finishing your work and sending it to a publisher are already amazing achievements!! I really wish I could say the same! Dreaming is one thing, but acting your dreams requires a lot more effort… you should be very proud of yourself! Best of luck!!

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