The transformative nature of Prom

I love this season.  Teenagers, even when sulky, make a nice change from my brides, much as I love making my girls beautiful.  Many of them have no clear vision beyond “hot”, which is frankly easy to achieve with any seventeen year old with a decent body and a skimpy sequinned dress.  Some of them, though, know that this dress is magic.  It will turn you into something else.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a child who thinks she’s funny-looking or has a weird body standing outside the dressing room, free of those awful sweats half of them wear, and struck by the realization that “hot” is attainable in the right dress.  Sometimes they want to be superheroes.  Or Cinderella, or a purple princess.

My brides never want to be anything except brides.  Or very occasionally, not there, because they are not enjoying this process and someone has talked them into it.

I love the way these girls can still throw themselves into a role, secure in the knowledge that a magic garment will make them into something other than a perfectly normal suburban teenage girl.


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