I have Betas!

Over on goodreads, someone finally took pity on me and offered to read all of “Unexpected Gifts” and send it to a friend of hers.  I am so happy.  And I still haven’t heard from the first publisher I sent stuff to, so I sent different stuff to a different publisher.  Hopefully somebody will want something, or it’s Kindle for me.

And I have to pack for the Caribbean (long story, and my family is staying home and developing a bad case of green-eyed monster).  So, ten days, from New York in March to the tropics, with no money for new clothes, and reasonably modest outfits I won’t roast in.  So if you are off on a fabulous vacation and you see a funny little middle-aged woman in flip-flops, a t-shirt, and a maxi-skirt, you know it’s me.  I’ll probably bring a couple of capri sets too.