It’s late, I’m tired, and I don’t feel like writing.

And I’m not sure what I would write.  I just banged out a short story and edited it in less that a week.  I do, by the way, kind of get the point of waiting to let things sit before you call them finished.  I keep seeing things in my copy that look a little rough, but since it’s been published, I don’t want to do small tweaks.  It’s kind of given me an idea for another story, but I’m not sure it’s one I need to write, even if it evokes the New York I grew up in.

I ordered a couple of copies of my POD paperbacks and they look fabulous.  Standard small press trade paperbacks, not those nasty looking vanity press things from back in the day.  I am so happy, even if I have to defend them from friends and relatives who would like to borrow them.


New story coming out, and some personal issues.

I have a new short story available for Kindle later today.  It’s called “Doors That Remain Closed”, it’s the first historical I’ve published, sort of, since it’s set in 1973, and it isn’t really a romance, since the ending is poignant, not HEA or even HFN.

Personally, this has been a difficult week, since my husband is in the hospital after open heart surgery.  Working on writing is a welcome respite from that, let me tell you, and he is so far doing well, thanks to God.

Paperbacks! I have paperbacks available!

“Skylark-A Love Story” and “Unexpected Gifts” are available on Amazon in paperback.  It’s POD (print on demand) so it’s kind of expensive, but they’re actual print books, and no trees have died for unsold copies, which is important to me.  I have ordered a couple of copes for myself, which I can bring to work and show off.  Everyone at my job has been incredibly supportive, by the way, even girls who I thought would be uncomfortable with LGBT subject matter.


I think, and you see I use the word “think”, I have a link to my Author page on Goodreads up.  I now have two titles available for sale (cheap!) on Amazon.  I write under the name “D.C. Williams” and my books are “Skylark-a Love Story” and “Unexpected Gifts”.  I do also have a number of other works in progress, and when I have more time I’ll talk about those.

I am a very, very bad non-blogging person.  I haven’t been on here since before I went on vacation, and that was almost a month ago.  Oops.

And I have a rejection.  I haven’t heard on the other novel, and as soon as I can make a really clean copy of the first one I will publish it to Kindle.  I write under the name ‘D.C. Williams”.  And I had a great time on vacation, and got only slightly sunburned.