I just finished a weird little historical that I should have out on Kindle in a week or so, and I’m still working on my revision.  Hopefully it’ll be successful, but honestly, I think I’ve improved it, but I’m not sure it’s what the publisher wants.  I know I had technical issues, particularly with pacing, and I think I’m correcting those, but I think it may still be too novel-like and not romantic enough.  We’ll see.


A review!

I finally got one on Amazon for “Closure”.  Unfortunately, it was terrible.  One star.  “Overly Religious”.  It is religious, especially given the other subject matter, but the reviewer clearly wasn’t comfortable with it and didn’t get what I was trying to say.  Still, nothing on the actual writing, just the subject matter.  Oh well.

Revise and Resubmit

Is what the publisher said about my latest novel.  I’m working on the revision.  Hopefully they’ll like it, and if they don’t, there’s always Amazon.  I’d rather have a publisher, though, so I’m doing the work. and listening to what they had to say, even the things I don’t completely agree with.

I also have a free short story on Amazon this week, “Closure-A Nick And Leon Story” by D.C. Williams.  Check it out.