Nothing particularly exciting.

Except that my baby turns 18 today.  I’m in shock.  And annoyed with myself for having such a broke year that it’s cake from a mix and a couple of new video games.  It could be worse.  By God’s grace my husband is still with us after a heart attack and some scary surgery earlier in the year.  That is the best gift of all.  Still it’s frustrating.  Writing and sales are both vulnerable to ups and downs, it’s just part of the territory, and next year will likely be better.  My kid has been so good about it compared to what a whiny brat I was about that kind of thing at the same age, and I am blessed.  And it is a reminder of what your real gifts in life are.

Still, next year, God willing, it’s bakery cake and a trip to the beach and ice cream sodas all around.


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