More progress and some feeling of incompetence

One of the realities of real writerhood is that I’m in edits and I don’t really have anything to report.  And I feel a little silly because I’m not really familiar with the process because it is my first time.  And really my first time.  The MS that got accepted was the second one I ever sent out, which I know makes me incredibly fortunate but also…

Means that I really don’t know what I’m doing.  I have not been acquiring piles of rejection letters and a working knowledge of how publishers operate, or getting short stories into anthologies.  My editor has been very patient, but I know some of my questions are strange.

I know some writers prefer self-publishing, but I know I’m not one of them.  It has it’s place, since I know most of what I have out there is not likely to interest a publishing house, and that gets it in front of the public and allows people who may enjoy it the opportunity to purchase it.  It also lets me experiment with what readers do and don’t like, and lets me put out some of the weird stuff I write mostly for my own amusement, like Companions on the Road.


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