The importance of being edited.

It’s a process most writers don’t enjoy.  It’s a lot of work, and it’s not fun to have a stranger rip your work up into small pieces and demand that you put it back together.  Even when the end result is better.  And it is.  I thought I had something pretty good, and so must the publisher have, or else we wouldn’t be doing this, but I can see my novel getting tighter, falling together and getting neater. 

And I write clean copy.  I don’t put out a mess full of typos, I usually use a beta, and I revise carefully.  The editing process makes a big difference.  

I have noticed this with other writers, too.  They vary, but most writers have a free short or two on their sites (I don’t-but I have some free samples on my goodreads page and I can often notice the difference from their published work.

One of the many (and often specious) complaints self-pubbed authors have is that they may not agree with the editor and they don’t want their work ripped up.  Get over it.  It’s like turning yourself over to the drill sergeant.  They will break you down, but it’s only to build you up and make you stronger.  If you don’t have a publisher and don’t want one and your serious, hire a free-lance editor if you can afford one, or at least recruit a couple of highly literate betas who like to proof.

Rant over, but I’m kind of tired of downloading on things that are oozing with potential that’s wasted because it a sloppy mess full of loose plot threads, awkward sentences, and stupid typos.


Just got done with the first round of edits.

And I talked to my editor to see if it was appropriate to divulge any details, because I’m now feeling a little less superstitious about the whole thing.  So the contract I signed was with MLR press, which has been fabulously awesome and very patient with me and the title is “The Price of Everything.”  I’m still keeping mum about the subject matter, but it’s a full-length novel and I’m extremely excited.

I want to hop up and down and sing “I’m a real writer, I’m a real writer” all the time even if that does kind of lack dignity.  Not that I am extremely dignified.  Anyone who knows me personally is snickering now, because they probably think dignity and myself do not belong in the same sentence.

I am extremely happy about all of this though, and I keep tapping away at my computer, so gentle readers, there is more in the offing, both the weird stuff I self-publish, and the less weird that I hope a publisher will want to publish for me.