Okay, I a bad, bad blogger

But I’ve been kind of busy.  I have some personal stuff going on, and I mostly haven’t been at home.  I finished the edits and the publisher is now doing various magic with my MS.  I finished a novella and submitted it, and I just finished a Christmas story and sent it off to the wonderful people who patiently beta read for me.  It’s probably too late for most anthologies for this year, but I’ll think of something to do with it.  

I have some stuff in progress, but it’s on my home computer so I can’t really mess with it.  I think I’m waiting for my next short story to hit me over the head.  I’ll come, but I often need a day or two to digest between projects, and I know I’ll need a revision on the Xmas story.  I don’t really do roughs, but I’ve sent more polished things off to my betas.