Okay, I’m still a bad blogger

And still mired in personal things.  I am working on stuff, and have a novella in submission.  I have no idea if the publisher actually wants it or not, but that’s okay.  I’m sure they’ll tell me eventually.

And I just got back and went over the proofs for “The Price of Everything.”  I’m so excited.  Every step brings me closer to actually having it out and published.  By a real publisher.  Who obviously thinks I can write.  Wow.

And my baby has a job, in addition to being in college this year.  Very scary.  And he’s taller than his father, and clearly not stopped growing.  Where he’ll stop, nobody knows, although none of my relatives are tall, and the tallest of my husband’s brothers was 6’3″ or so.  Now, the kid is only a little over six feet, and at eighteen he should be close to done, but he’s been shaving less than a year and he just doesn’t look like he’s in the home stretch.  And if it’s not moving, he’s eating it.  It’s probably a good thing he got a job in a grocery store.