I promised.

No more blogging “The Price of Everything”, no matter how happy I am with it.  I just finished a  Halloween story, and sent it off to betaland for feedback.  It’s for an open submission call, and it’s the first time I’ve dome one of those.  It’s also my first try at an m/m/m. And “A Foxgrove Wedding” is still free on Amazon, although it is not a typical romance, even for an m/m.  Here’s the link 


And I have an official author email, for my not yet legions of fans to contact me.  persimmonromance@yahoo.com



More, More, and Maybe More

I have a new title out on Amazon for Kindle, and it will be free from 1/29 to 2/2 http://www.amazon.com/Foxgrove-Wedding-Hall-ebook/dp/B00I2ZSHS2/ref=la_B00CAQ7MBW_1_11?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1390946926&sr=1-11  Also don’t forget my novel, just out this month from MLR Press.and available from them and other fine retailers, including All Romance, where it has a five star rating   https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-thepriceofeverything-1395394-149.html





I swear this is the last time I blog this particular title, but I really am beside myself with delight that it’s out.  

And I have a new novella under contract, and it’s much, much lighter than anything else I have out.  I swear it makes “When Nick Met Michael” look like sturm und drang.  Kind of anyway.  There’s a little bitter with the sweet, I swear.  And I am working on a bunch of new stuff, including at least theoretically, a new Nick and Leon, and Paul and Quinn do make an appearance.  So it’s not a totally gratuitous “Price of Everything” plug.