A New Release!

My second professionally published book, Closer Than Brothers, is due to be released on May 23 from MLR Press.  Words can’t describe how thrilled I am.  In many ways it’s more exciting than the first one was.  One could be a fluke, two starts feeling like a career.

I don’t have a cover or a link yet, but watch this space, because I’ll share those as soon as I have them.  I realize I seem to have nineteen fans, but anyone who’s familiar with my work may be surprised by this one.  It’s much lighter than most of my stuff and has NO RELIGION.  Just about none at all.

Personally I think it’s very sweet.  It’s the story of Drew, who’s a Kinsey one or one and a little bit, and his best friend Jeff, who’s very much in love with him.  There’s not a lot of message in this one, but it is about the families we create and their importance to us.

I also have a story in the works for the Goodread’s M/M groups Love’s Landscapes event.  It’s almost finished, I swear.  It’s a historical, set in the WWII era, and also at least partly about how we construct families and their enduring significance.


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