Yay! Closer than Brothers is here!

My newest book, Closer than Brothers, was released by MLR press on Friday.  Words can’t express how excited I am.  This is my second professionally published work, and if anything it seems even more momentous than the first.

One is a big milestone, but two starts to seem like a career.  I suspect it won’t start paying like a career until I’m closer to book twenty, but we’ll see how it goes.  You never know, but I’m planning for there to be a book twenty.  I am in this for the long haul.

Getting back to my new book, it does signify a bunch of firsts for me.  It’s my first “GFY”–gay for you, for those not in the know.  It’s also much lighter than most of my work, has younger characters, and is not religious at all.  It was a lot of fun to write, and I’m hoping to revisit my guys, Drew and Jeff, sometime in the next year or two.71TBETuZTsL._SL1425_

Aren’t they adorable?  It’s such a cute cover, and great for the summer.

For those looking for it, you can find Closer Than Brothers on Amazon and at many other fine e-tailers.http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KIBVSFW/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=1E82BSJPS2TY4&coliid=I1PMFLUI3DW4RW

Including All-Romance, where I am 39 out of 50 on their bestseller list, but someone must have really not liked it, because they gave me a single star, because that is just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.




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