Gay for you, Out for you, and all of the stuff I’ve been very, very busy with.

Anyone who ever reads my blog is probably aware that I write m/m romance (more about that later). One of the more controversial tropes is GFY/OFY, how plausible it might be, whether it’s intrinsically insulting to gay men, etc., etc. Of course I’m not a gay man, but I enjoy the trope when it’s well done–when it’s badly done, it really veers off into lulu land quickly. Now, for me, “Gay for you” is not the same thing as “Out for you”, and I’ve written both (hopefully well).

Closer Than Brothers, which came out in the spring, is “Gay for you”. My MC is a straight man who decides he’s in love with his best friend. Now, there’s straight and then there’s straight. Sexuality is a continuum. Drew, my MC, is a little bit bi. He’s not significantly bi in many ways, but he’s flexible enough that when his heart leads his body is happy to follow. Sex works for him in the right situation, but he’s not usually attracted to men.

I have another story in the same series, Where Least Expected coming out soon, and it’s “Out for you.” I have a character who thinks he’s straight. He’s enjoyed relationships with women, and never been more than casually attracted to men. Then he ends up in bed with another man and the attraction is anything but casual. He’s not straight, but coming out is a process, and heterosexuality can still very much seem like the “default setting” sometimes.

The thing that both of these guys (and any other plausibly GFY/OFY characters) have in common is that they are to at least some extent bisexual. So are a lot of real people. And sometimes life surprises you. So… Yeah, I enjoy GFY. And I might write some more.

Now, for the fun stuff!

I have new books! This one– is a relatively long Nick and Leon Christmas story. It is very much an inspirational, like the others in this cycle. It is available for pre-order on Amazon, and I have in Select, so it will be borrowable for Kindle Unlimited users.

The original story,, is on sale on Amazon for 99 cents, and is also available off Smashwords (and its affiliates, like B&N) for the same price.

And drumroll please, because this is a cover reveal for my new story from MLR and the cover is GORGEOUS! Obviously, it’s a Halloween story, and it’s a little bit different for me, since it’s a paranormal, and an ??? Not giving it away here…

Beautiful, huh?

I’m really happy with it. The folks at MLR always do a nice job with my books, and a shout-out to the incomparable Lex Valentine for the gorgeous cover graphic.QueenofBatsFourofSkulls_432