Season of Joy

Anyone who knows me, and probably a lot of my readers, knows that my love of Disney World is surpassed only by my love of Christmas–in the category of relatively frivolous things that make me happy, anyway. So, long story short, I love writing Christmas stories.

I also love writing non-Christmas stories, and my latest is available for pre-order on Amazon.  1664097

Christmas stories always have a very special place in my heart, though, and in addition to the two I already have slated for December, I should have a seasonal Foxgrove set for a Christmas release.

I know I’ve had a lot of books out in a short period of time, but sometimes that’s just how it falls, and after this little orgy, it’ll probably be late spring or early summer before I have anything long coming out. I’m committed to an entry in a boxset (for charity) with a June release, and I’m thinking there might be a couple more shorts, too, but my next novel or long novella is probably going to be deep into next year. I promise, I have some longer fiction in the works. As I come into my literary “voice” I do sometimes think I’m primarily a short story writer (and lucky for me that e-publishing has made them somewhat more marketable), but I have written novels, I know I have more in me, and there are some sizable WIP’s on my computer.

Just as I was going to press, MLR sent me a lovely meme listing presents for MLR readers! Fabulous ones! None of my titles, but some really great books.


And here is the pre order link for Where Least Expected on All Romance