May, December, a couple of new projects, and my boxset story.

A couple of months ago I was facebooking constantly about a story I was working on for a charity boxset. It was kicking my butt. It seemed simple enough. The story was supposed to revolve around a Pride festival, and I already had a little bit of a plot bunny from when I went to NYC Pride in 2012 with some extended family.

Then some stuff happened to my plot bunny. Then some more stuff, plus I was working on BoardwalkBoardwalk Final Front Cover 1 29 2015

while I was writing it, and some of that spilled over… And, and, and then I finally realized I was writing an enormous age gap. Huge. My poor MC was falling in love with a man old enough to be his grandfather. Ack!

How do you make that not creepy? The answer is “very, very carefully.” So that’s why the story was kind of kicking my bottom, because I kept going over again and again in minute detail, because it could so easily have veered into “Eeeewww!”. I think I’ve been successful. I hope I’ve been successful. I’ve always been a “pantser” kind of to the extreme, but every now and then my characters get these notions into their heads…

The end result is “What the Heart Wants” and it is about to be available in this limited edition set.

11393262_1610815519188150_2124506859436953645_nI don’t have the buy links yet, but it’s up on Goodreads and I am incredibly excited. I’m still really stoked about every new release, plus it’s very flattering to be invited to something like this, and I’m in some great company.

And it’s for charity. That’s actually the very most important part of the whole thing. All the proceeds go to The Trevor Project. I can’t stress enough how vital their work is. We’re losing our kids. Because they don’t believe it gets better and they don’t know anyone else like them and sometimes teenagers just get tunnel vision because they can’t believe it isn’t always going to be this awful.

Will, my MC in “What the Heart Wants” doesn’t have the easiest relationship with his parents, but he’s old enough and grounded enough and has enough other support systems that it’s not awful for him. I write fiction, but what happens to Jared in “Another Gift”, or to Leon and his first boyfriend, or to Blake’s childhood friend in “Where Least Expected” are close to reality for some LGBT youth. LGBT people and allies need to stand up for these children and do something. This well-respected charity does, and I’m delighted to be part of this, and to try to make a difference.

I have a couple other things cooking too. I’m working on a bunch of stuff (always), including a couple of period pieces. “Call it Forever,” the sequel to

71TBETuZTsL._SL1425_is due out July 3rd and I’m very excited about that. I also just finished another Wake and Cody story. It’s been submitted, but I don’t yet know if it’s going to get picked up or if it will end up as a self-pub.  I also have at least one Halloween story in the works, and there is no way I’m ever going to let a holiday season pass without at least one Christmas story (and maybe a Thanksgiving one, possibly Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve…)  So more coming, I promise. And thanks for putting up with me.


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