The dudes who say “dude” are back.

Several reviewers sort of riffed on the great deal of “dude” that went on in the first book, “Closer Than Brothers”. Because my characters did kind of use that word a lot. And this is not a criticism of reviewers, who absolutely have the right to say anything they want up to and including “this is the worst book I have ever read” (and not necessarily that politely, either), just that I was kind of amused by how much everyone remarked on the “Dude!”. Plus some of those remarks were very, very funny.

I might have gone a  little overboard (and I did try to tone it down a little this time), but I thought the word was an utterly perfect description of my Drew and Jeff, two very typical young men who just happened to fall in love with each other, somewhat to their surprise. A lot of the stuff I write isn’t angsty exactly, but it isn’t really sunny either. I’ve depressed myself reading over “Mistake” or “Doors That Remain Closed”.

These guys are pretty light, and they’re an enormous amount of fun to write. Not that their lives are free of sorrow or burden, because nobody’s ever is, but they’ve been pretty fortunate. Supportive families, bright futures, and not a lot of baggage.

This story is releasing early this month, and the timing with the SCOTUS decision couldn’t be better, as far as I’m concerned. CallItForever_432 (2)Because not only do my guys get their forever, at twenty-two, surrounded by their families (including a couple of members who were a little difficult about the whole thing), no-one can take it from them.

Less than five years ago, when I was writing “Unexpected Gifts”, and marriage or civil unions between two men were possible in only a handful of states, my Nick and Leon were trying to figure out legal ways to ensure that Nick would never be shut out of a hospital room by Leon’s family. Suddenly, that reality is the “bad old days”.

Yes, I know they’re fictional characters, but I get attached to them. I’m thrilled to launch Drew and Jeff into a long, rich lifetime together where their marriage is recognized in all fifty states.


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