More Wake and Cody

Some of what I do–some of what most m/m writers do–is giving voice to the hidden. Recreating the lost history of queer people through fiction, or telling the stories of those who are invisible due to culture or age or misconception.

I am currently writing a historical, and while I think it’s important to create them, it is not fun to write. Historicals involve a lot of stupid, nit-picky research and I still usually feel like I’m getting half of it wrong. I bother anyway, because readers like them, and I personally enjoy reading them, and if you look at “official” history, you would think gay people suddenly spontaneously appeared sometime in the fifties or early sixties.

We have always been here, despite the paucity of clues in the historic record.

Which brings me to Wake and Cody. Their story isn’t historical, and it’s a lot more fun to write, because their world is much more intuitive to me, and I love creating big, messy families. However, they are very typical working class men who just happen to be in love with each other. They drink beer, watch sports, and have blue collar jobs. One of them has been married, and the other had a string of girlfriends (in fairness, he is bi, rather than gay). They both found the subject of sexuality so difficult that they didn’t bring it up for years and almost missed out on each other. It’s fiction, and I’m sure I exaggerate the details, but somewhere out there, someone has a story that’s pretty close to theirs.

So, I have a new installment of that story about to come out (late August or early September) and I have a cover reveal. EndofSummer_432Don’t they look like they’re having fun?


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