I do my own tricks.

Really, my own covers on self-pubs.

This has been something of a learning curve. I can’t draw, but I do think I have a decent sense of design, with the glittery pumpkin drying on my counter to prove it. I also have no graphic design training, so some of first efforts were… interesting.

At this point I’m in a groove, I have sources for graphics and software to make my layouts on, and I usually feel I don’t embarrass myself. The process is still a little more haphazard than I think it is for pros.

I usually go through several versions (which I know is perfectly normal) and sometimes have a couple of quite different graphics. Then, when crafting a cover for my new Halloween story, I ended up with this.NYCAnd somehow, this as well.

Bump!Different look and feel, even a different title. I actually liked the second one a bit better, but I went with the first because I thought it was A) grabbier, and B) fit the story better.

Hopefully my readers agree.

This is last year’s Halloween story. http://www.amazon.com/Queen-Bats-Four-Skulls-Scare-ebook/dp/B00P5D7F5K/ref=la_B00CAQ7MBW_1_17?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1445962980&sr=1-17&refinements=p_82%3AB00CAQ7MBW

That one was published with MLR, and they did a beautiful job with the cover (I wish, but I can’t do that).  Unfortunately this year, I barely finished my story in time for a self-pub, let alone a publisher deadline.

I did, however, write a story for their spooky season prompt, which was a masquerade. It’s not a Halloween story, since it takes place in June, but I’m thrilled! Here’s the cover. A Splendid Jape Final Front Cover 10 1 2015

It’ll get it’s very own blog post later this week, when it comes out.

Happy Spookies, Everybody


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