Good things come in cans–Potatoes

Unlike most canned vegetables, which just need to be heated to be edible, potatoes aren’t fully cooked, and will be nasty if you don’t attend to that detail. They need to be cooked for at least ten or fifteen minutes. I still don’t really care for them just heated and dressed, but they are good in many dishes and are delicious fried.

Start with a can of potatoes. Duh, but the should be sliced, not whole. Diced will also work nicely, but they’re hard to find. Also pay attention to the quality of your canned goods. Name brand or a store variety you trust, because they are one of those things that the quality of the brand can vary enormously in. I like Wegmans. Aldi is also usually fine, although on the potatoes, I prefer Wegmans. I believe this can cost seventy-nine cents.KINDLE_CAMERA_1446461677000

Open and drain. Some people will rinse them and pat them dry with a paper towel, but I don’t bother. Get out a frying pan and melt about a tablespoon of butter in it. Corn oil would work too. A proponent of a nineteenth or very early twentieth century lifestyle might use lard, but I don’t recommend that. Fry for ten or fifteen minutes, until golden brown, and sprinkle with pepper while cooking.


I served these with breakfast sausage (from the fresh case, not frozen) cooked in the slow cooker on high for about two hours. They will brown, and you can just throw them in there and forget ’em until it’s time to cook the potatoes.


This was for a late breakfast/early lunch. It would work well as a weekend meal for a lot of families. In our case, Dad’s retired and I work from home during the week (I’m a novelist and I have a retail job on weekends) so it’s more of a weekday groove for us.

I served it with an apricot strip. This one was purchased.KINDLE_CAMERA_1446462242000We’re not discussing what it cost, but it’s fairly easy to make something similar with refrigerated dough and canned apricots (that’ll be another post). You could also serve this with fruit salad, or fried eggs, or both.

Happy Nibbles!