Rockstar Romance, or a new release…

My regular readers will have noticed that of the really popular m/m subgenres (sports, cowboys, police/FBI, etc.) the only one I really write is College/New Adult. This isn’t because I don’t like these genres. I love a good hockey romance, particularly, and cowboys are pretty awesome. I have never really felt like I had the background or knowledge base to write most of them.

Then I had this great idea for a Rockstar story. So even though I’m not a musician, and I did sometimes feel a little out of my depth, I did some research, tapped into my own experiences as a music fan, and buckled down to it. I’m really, really proud of the end result.

Which is Don’t Fear the Abyss, the story of Andy, singer from a legendary but long defunct grunge band, who gets a bunch of second chances. Including one with Evan, his new manager.

All of my books are close to my heart. There are a couple of things I might change about some of the early ones, but I love them all. This one is special for a number of reasons, but particularly because the theme is very much of love and redemption.

Here is the cover, from the very talented Lex Valentine of Winterheart Designs.



And a teaser excerpt–

He’d been sleeping in boxers and a HammerFall T-shirt that had
come from God alone knew where, which was plenty for walking
around his own damn house. Scott had been smart, he had gotten
the Hideous Marys a decent agent before they’d signed anywhere, and
the guy had looked out for all of them. It was in his interest to do
so, sure, but Andy knew plenty of guys screwed over by their own
agents or managers. Vic had been solid, and when he’d told them
to buy houses, keep it modest, and pay cash, Andy had taken that
advice. The writing credits on Abyss and most of the rest of their
catalogue paid the taxes and kept him in Merlot and groceries. It also
let him keep his “manager” on payroll, got someone in to detoxify
his house every week or so, and kept pretty boys or the occasional
girl on tap for when he wanted something else. He was pretty sure
most of the tail wasn’t paid, or not in cash anyway, but it was a lot
easier for Sherry to recruit them when the horny-formerly-famous singer
had pot, booze and a nice place to hang out in.
Orange juice…because coffee didn’t agree with him anymore,
and he could go back to sleep if he wanted. His hand lingered on
the half-empty bottle of Chablis in the fridge, but he left the juice
unadulterated, and popped a couple of slices of bread in the toaster.
The doorbell rang.
What the fuck?
Sherry had a key, and she came when the housekeeper was
scheduled, or if he needed to be somewhere, because he hadn’t driven
himself in years. She was more personal assistant than manager, but
she was smart, she looked out for him and she could use what he
paid her, because while Scott had left her pretty much everything,
she had three kids, and Scott hadn’t taken Vic’s advice about not
buying a big expensive house. There’d been enough equity from the
place Scott couldn’t resist purchasing to get her into a decent condo,
but not much after that, and Andy was sure some of Scott’s estate
was in a trust for Sherry’s youngest, who was Scott’s biological child.
They’d had real managers when they were famous, of course, but
none of them had stayed for more than a few years, and the last one
had left when the Marys officially broke up.
Whoever was at the door had to be someone lost, or maybe an
aging groupie. He should worry about stalkers, but he wasn’t going
to. Andy walked through the living room to the front door and
yanked it wide open. If it was paparazzi for some insane reason,
they could get a picture of him in his shorts.
A hipster kid stood on the doorstep. Clean shaven, floppy hair
with a little suggestion of a duck’s ass and a pompadour, cuffed
skinny jeans, and heavy-framed glasses. He held his hand out. “Evan
Donaldson from Violet Ice Cream records.”
Andy glared at him. “Violet doesn’t exist anymore.”


Don’t Fear the Abyss will be out on Friday, September 16th from MLR Press, and available through all the usual channels, and I’ll add buy links as they become available.

I am at work on a sequel. It’s not under contract, but it should (hopefully) be out sometime next year.

Happy Reading!




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